How to Safely Store your Maple Syrup & Honey

Safely Storing and Caring for Your Maple Syrup & Honey

Maple syrup generally lasts about two years. Of course, the fresher the better. Maple should be stored in a cool, dry place. Light and heat can age your maple prematurely. Basements, cellars, and refrigerators are ideal for keeping maple at its peak.

Once you open your syrup, you should always refrigerate it. If you buy syrup in bulk, you can safely freeze your excess supply to store indefinitely until you’re ready to use it.

Honey is a natural antibacterial and should never grow bacteria or fungi if properly stored. While honey never expires, it should be used relatively quickly because it can turn cloudy and lose flavor as it ages.

Refrigeration can increase the likelihood of your Spring Break products crystallizing. If your maple syrup or honey crystallizes, it’s still perfectly fine to eat. Gently reheat the container and your honey or syrup will re-liquefy. For an easy, mess free tip: try heating a large bowl of water and placing your container of crystallized product inside. 

Remember, never microwave your honey. Microwaving can kill important enzymes in honey, heat it unevenly, and cause a change in taste.

If your maple syrup is very crystallized, you can also add a small amount of water to the container. Maple usually crystallizes if water evaporates. In fact, that’s integral to how we make our premium maple sugars. After you heat your syrup, add a tablespoon of water for every three cups, and stir until the water is evenly incorporated (***accurate?).

We have very high standards for our syrup and honey. Since we make everything fresh, you have plenty of time to enjoy your maple and honey before they start to crystallize or turn cloudy.

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