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Great Things Happen During Spring Break

Northern Maine winters are a time for hot chocolate, open fires and staying cozy. Come spring, though, when the sun warms tree tops and blue skies unfold, we get outside and get inspired…

And that’s what happened one spring break back in the 1990’s. We’d had some time to think over the winter — time to hatch a plan. That spring, we quit our day jobs and started Spring Break Maple and Honey.

After all, we had a maple syrup family tradition to continue…

Our family had cared for the trees and land for multiple generations. In fact, our co-founder Kevin’s Great Uncle Ronald taught him the maple syrup trade — he handed down family secrets to Kevin for making the finest maple syrup.

And in 2001, we added our beehives. Over the years, our hives have grown with our business, and our wonderful bees continue to provide us with their rich, amber-colored honey.


Caring from the ground up

So, many seasons later, we continue to create maple syrup and honey products our customers love.

But there’s more to the story…

As Northern Maine farm stewards, we want to protect and preserve this beautiful region. That’s why we live on the land and care for the wooded areas and surrounding fields.

Actually, since we started Spring Break Maple and Honey, we’ve helped protect over 100 acres of forest land. And as our business grows, we hope to care for even more of the land.


Building a sweet community

We love making great maple syrup and honey products. But we also love to interact with our customers. We like to get out in the community and meet the people who love our products.

So, several times a year, we throw the doors open for special events, like our “bean-hole” beans get-togethers [add image?] and Maine Maple Sunday celebrations [link to post].

And because we care about our customers, we create our maple and honey products without any artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives.

Ultimately, it’s our goal to create the best-tasting, purest products possible for our community, our customers and their families.


Moving forward with the seasons

With every season change, there’s always something going on at Spring Break Maple and Honey. Whether it’s tapping the maple trees in the spring or harvesting our honey in the fall, we keep busy.

And that includes developing new products…

Our customers love our traditional maple and honey products. But they also like to get adventurous. That’s why we occasionally develop new and exciting recipes to grow our product line.


Staying in touch

To learn more about any of our products — new or traditional — we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to connect with us on any of the links below:

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Kristi and Kevin

Spring Break Maple Farm

Meet the Team

  • Kevin Brannen


    Kevin is the co-founder of Spring Break Maple. He is the head sugarmaker and beekeeper. Kevin oversees the production and processing of both our maple and honey product lines.At the beginning of each year Kevin begins the process tapping maple trees in our woodlot. The beginning of spring, usually around mid March, is when our busy season begins production of maple syrup. In early summer Kevin begins beekeeping, continuing through the summer and ending in early fall for harvest.
  • Kristi Brannen


    Kristi is co-founder of Spring Break Maple. She manages the production team that produces Spring Break's maple and honey added value products. She also manages the daily operations including customer service, sales & marketing, accounting, and human resources.Her and Kevin are the managing team and where the Spring Break vision and values are derived from. Their New England work ethic is what keeps the business running at top speed each and every day. 
  • Scout

    Customer Service

    Scout joined Spring Break's Customer Service Team in the summer of 2013, since then he has been in training, learning the proper way to greet customers from the very experienced Moxie. His first official event was Maine Maple Sunday in March 2014, where he put all he has learned to the test. Scout's main job is to assist greeting customers during events with a bright smile and a wagging tail.We look forward to many more events with Scout on our team!